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Address: Building 1,NO.11,3rd industrial Zone,Xinwei Village,Gongming Town,Shenzhen,China

Tel: +86 755 27435731

Fax: +86 755 86567521

E-mail: sales@lcdmaker.com

Skype1: lcdmaker
Skype2: lcdmaker1
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 LCD display & LCD module manufacturer-ThingWell Electronics

 Co,Ltd(ThingWell) founded  in  2004, is  a  high-tech enterprise and

 specialize providing best LCD solution for both standard and custom

 LCD display and Module. Main product: A full line of LCD glass  and

 LCD  module, including TN, STN, FSTN,FFSTN  custom LCD display

 And Custom,Character,Graphic LCD module.Module resolutions under

 from 320×240 in COB and COG type.Also include E-paper display,EPD,

 T-ink display,Most competitive are Custom,COG,Graphic LCD modules.....


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